Garrett Etsitty aka KRNG 1N3 was born in Chinle, Arizona in 1985, coming from a rural rusty environment. He spent most of his years watching his uncles paint abstraction and realism. At the age of four he picked up a paint brush and began working with color, and by the time he emerged he began to have a growing interest in the creative arts.

Garrett Etsitty has worked collaboratively and individually on a variety of socially engaged interdisciplinary projects for over a decade. He has exhibited at University of Oklahoma at the Sam Noble Museum, Fort Lewis College Art gallery, and Phoenix Heard Museum, and the list goes on.

Garrett Etsitty has a widespread collection of art in all kinds of disciplines that he was acutely sensitive to. His multi-optic senses were trained to perceive compositions in the round or flat that his large insect brain could process formal and informal aesthetic with a good deal of any medium. His favorite medium is paint and he had opened the floodgates with respected mediums that makes his style much more unique.